Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some other sewing Clothes

I have made these clothes too. some of them are old a bit, and some are very new.
I have also used embroidery with some of my outfit; I have used sequins and beads.

The whole outfit

It is the last long jacket I made

long jacket (close look)

velvet vest and trousers

Leather vest and velvet Skirt

Embroidery (close look)

I have designed this embroidery and have made it with sequins and beads.

Long black blouse

Skirt (close look)

Jaket and skirt

Brown suit

Skirt with red rose

Jaket (close look)

Brown skirt and jacket

Night jacket and Skirt

Night blue jacket and skirt

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some of my sewing work

I love sewing so much, and like to make my own clothes. I also like to make my own patterns and my own designs. I make the clothes of my sister and my mother too. these are some of my sewing work.

close look

its Vest

Long Beige jaket and trousers

jacket (close look)

Night jacket and its skirt

white and Black

Close look

Long casual Jacket

its skirt

Blue Jacket and its skirt

Black jackt and its skirt

Its skirt

Jaket and its skirt

its Skirt

its scarf

The jacket with scarf

Fit jacket

Its trousers

Casual jacket

Long Jacket

Jacket (close look)

Jacket and its skirt

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