Monday, July 16, 2012

close look

close look to the jacket's front, its buttons, and its seams.
close look to the armhole, the top of the sleeve, and profile of the jacket.
I think the embroidery is shown clearly  in this picture.


Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

This is such a lovely suit, Lily..wonderful attention to detail.

As a tailor myself, I am curious about how you placed the buttons, as I am always eager to learn from others who sew.
Is there a reason why they are not the same distance from the edge of the jacket?

Lily said...

First thanks so much for your so sweet compliments.
Second , they are in the same distance from the edge otherwise it will give a very bad appearance. I think it is the black and withe illusion or angle of my photograph. Thanks for your note too.

Lily said...

Oh I forget to say something else, I have made the button hole wide a bit, and the movement of the buttons also give this feeling.

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Thanks for your answer, Lily, I truly appreciate it. It truly is a wonderful suit.

As a tailor, I have never made buttonholes so wide that the buttons can slide apart so's just a personal preference as I like my buttons to always appear equally spaced.

However I suppose some people prefer having more "movement" for the jacket fronts to slide apart, more easily...and as tailors, we always have to give our clients what they want, don't we? ;)

Lily said...

You are welcome dear. I know you meant your words, and I know that you wanted to know why it looks like that. I just sew for myself, my sister, and my mum. I am doing my own pattern, and didn't put the buttonholes or button places on my pattern. I always mark them later when I finish the garment, and use my sister as a model to do so. often I change my mind about buttonholes that is why I am doing them wider. Sometimes I choose big button or change my mind again. I think I shouldn't do that though. Thanks for your note

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

That is the wonderful thing about being our own designers..there are no "Should or Should nots"..because we are free to do whatever we please :)

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