Sunday, July 22, 2012

One pattern two trousers

Again one pattern, and two trousers . Those trousers for me; I have made them to wear in a house. I have learned many things with those two trousers. First thing was the fly zipper ; this is my first time use fly zipper I always use the side zipper for my trousers specially for outfits. I also have used the patch pocket one with pleats, and the other one without pleats; both of them have bands with buttons. I also make a yoke in the back of the trouser and use for the first time French Seam to finish this yoke. I also have made an advanced waist band for those trousers. Oh I have the old Singer sewing machine which do nothing except the straight stitch- hope to replace this so soon lol- so I always use a hand hem stitches to finish all my garments, and I have learned some new hand hem stitches, and applied on those two trousers.
Of course it is my own pattern, and my own design. I have use a cotton fabric to make those trousers.

You can notice a gathering around the waist and upper the hip -that is  really so good thing lolollll.
I have lost some weight so this gathering had happened . Hope I throw both trousers very soon when I lost the whole weight I want.


Unknown said...

Hi Lily! You did a nice job on your trousers, and learned some new techniques, also!! Fly zipper application isn't the easiest thing to do, so I am glad you decided to try it--and you were successful, too! And, don't worry about having "only" a straight stitch machine--look at all you can accomplish! In addition, you have added some new hand-sewing skills, and that is something that is always useful to know! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing with us! Charlotte (Creative Machine group)

Lily said...

Hello Charlotte,
Many thanks for your so sweet compliments. Actually I do learn many sewing techniques I didn't try before. All I cared about before was "How to learn sewing pattern" and how to make it really fit, but I finally realize what a good sewing techniques also means, so I give more attention to the sewing techniques this year. You are actually right about straight stitch machine , but I think good sewing machine will achieve many things, and save time. Thanks again

Knitting-twitter said...

what ever you try dear Lily, it always works out fine..
both trousers look very nice..
have a great day
ciao ciao Christa

Lily said...

Many thanks for your kindness dear Christa. Thanks so much.

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