Monday, May 7, 2012

Make your T-shirt happy one.

I have bought a plain T-shirt, and wanted to embroider it so I draw the flower and edge; I planned to use some other colors, Then I chose to make it with two degrees of green colors beads, I also use pink bugle to outline the flower, and then sequins to make 3D flower center. I have use four kinds of  beaded, and sequin embroidery stitches, back stitch, Zigzag , flat sequin, and 3D to make the center. of course this is a hand embroidery :-)

Here is the final look of the T-shirt

 Here is the flower with 3D center sequins, bugles , and outline petals with two degree of green colors bead, and beaded back stitch to make that outline for leaves.
 Close look at neck, and its zigzag beaded stitch with flat sequins around the top of zigzag
 Some ideas. First I planned to make the petals standing up with faint center, and wanted to use the red beads for center, but I imagined that drawing will appear so big in this design, so I have changed my mind to make the center standing up, with just outline the petals
 Here is the drawing.
 The plain T-shirt


Barb said...

I love your t-shirt. The colors go so good together. The lighter and darker shades of green really compliment each other. I love how you used the sequins to make the 3-d center of the flower and how you used them with the sigzag stitch around the neckline. The whole design makes me want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. :)

Lily said...

Oh dear Barb, How I can thank you for all those so sweet compliments. It is honor for me to get such compliments form talented beader like you. Thanks again

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