Thursday, March 13, 2014

My tracksuit with embroidery butterfly motif

I have made this tracksuit. It is dark green velvet with zipper in the center. It is my own pattern, and my own design. I also have designed this embroidery butterfly motif. I have used sequins , bugles , and beads to embroidery it. I have used some embroidery stitches to execute it.
Velvet is really hard to deal with specially with my very simple sewing machine-vintage singer with just straight stitch.
I have added little touch to its pockets, and made elastic wide waist for its trouser. I LOVE it.

Now close look at the embroidery motif. I have made it in the back
Another picture
workshop of that butterfly;
I have drawn it then chosen the colors I want to use. I  have started by making sequins, then done the inner parts. I have used two sizes of beads, and two sizes of bugles. I also have used two kinds of sequins.
I cannot say that I have chosen everything at once. No actually many times I tried to test the color, and the size by just put it without sewing , and test it, see if I like it or not. If I like it I sew it, if not I changed to another one.
I don't like to use carbon paper and trace tool to draw the motifs on fabrics specially with velvet . Instead of that trace tool I have used running stitch to draw the motif- as you see in the picture. 

Close look at the parts of my tracksuit:
close look at the collar and zipper

Close look at the front pockets
close look at the bands of sleeves, jacket, and the pockets too
Close look at the elastic waist band,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organize everything

Afghan hooks case

I have made those cases using leftover fabrics, and explained the idea beyond those cases in the previous post.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Circular knitting needles case tutorial

I saw this case , and decide to make it . It is really so easy to do, and give you a good result.
I have used leftover fabric, buttons to do it; I didn't buy any thing.

1) - 11 squares  of fabric 20*20 cm or any number you need
You can use any kind of fabric you have. cotton, silk, polyester, satin  ....etc
This will be the inner cases for the needles.
2)- 2 rectangles fabric 26*66cm. I prefer to use thicker  fabric than the cases' fabric.
I have used very light polyester for the inner cases, and velvet, thick wool for the outer case.
All of them were leftover fabrics.
3) some buttons.

prepare your squares by cutting them,  fuse them , and serge their edges. Like next picture
prepare your 2 rectangles by cutting them, fusing one of them, and serge their edges like the picture
Third ,
Sew the inner cases , and iron them . Like the pictue
Make some lines as guide for sewing on your inner rectangle both horizontal, and vertical.
The distance between vertical line will be 2cm -less than one inch.
like the picture
You will use those vertical lines as guide to sew the inner cases. 

sew your inner cases using those lines. As the picture
I just have 11 new circular needles so I have made 11 cases. You can use the same idea to make any numbers of cases you need.

sew the other rectangle ,  finish your case by making a carve or just finish it as a rectangle , and sew the buttons.

I have made hand-embroidery to write the numbers of the needles.

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