Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Afghan hooks case

I have made those cases using leftover fabrics, and explained the idea beyond those cases in the previous post.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Circular knitting needles case tutorial

I saw this case , and decide to make it . It is really so easy to do, and give you a good result.
I have used leftover fabric, buttons to do it; I didn't buy any thing.

1) - 11 squares  of fabric 20*20 cm or any number you need
You can use any kind of fabric you have. cotton, silk, polyester, satin  ....etc
This will be the inner cases for the needles.
2)- 2 rectangles fabric 26*66cm. I prefer to use thicker  fabric than the cases' fabric.
I have used very light polyester for the inner cases, and velvet, thick wool for the outer case.
All of them were leftover fabrics.
3) some buttons.

prepare your squares by cutting them,  fuse them , and serge their edges. Like next picture
prepare your 2 rectangles by cutting them, fusing one of them, and serge their edges like the picture
Third ,
Sew the inner cases , and iron them . Like the pictue
Make some lines as guide for sewing on your inner rectangle both horizontal, and vertical.
The distance between vertical line will be 2cm -less than one inch.
like the picture
You will use those vertical lines as guide to sew the inner cases. 

sew your inner cases using those lines. As the picture
I just have 11 new circular needles so I have made 11 cases. You can use the same idea to make any numbers of cases you need.

sew the other rectangle ,  finish your case by making a carve or just finish it as a rectangle , and sew the buttons.

I have made hand-embroidery to write the numbers of the needles.

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