Monday, October 15, 2012

Putting trousers pattern (another method)

putting trouser 's pattern on the fabric has two methods. This is the second method which you put both center line of back, and front face each other. In this method you save the side seam of the trouser . This method only uses when you make home clothes. It is comfortable , and you can use it when you have narrow fabric.

Sketch of my pajama

Silly sketch for my pajama ☺☺☺, but it shows how I designed it, and made its pattern. the stripe parts will be in black velvet, and the plain parts, and trousers will be in the printed velvet fabric.


This fabric for my winter coat. It is leather with fur, and its color is deep gray. I already designed it, and made its pattern. It will be long coat, with notch collar. The body will be princes seam , but will add more darts to make it more fitted coat. I will put flap on the sleeves too.
 This fabric for my winter Pajama. It is my favorite fabric "Velvet". I am already making this pajama, and I will use a plain black color with this design; the black part is velvet too. You will see it very soon.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My suit with the sandal, and bag

this is my design, and my own pattern. The jacket is shawl collar, princes seems from front , and back, and darts in each sides. The sleeve is two pieces sleeve, I prefer this kind of sleeves in winter specially with coats, but I made it in this design too.

Now the whole outfit with the sandal, and bag I have bought for. What is your opinion? lol

Close look at the collar

This the shawl collar of my suit. just close look at it. I love this kind of collar so much both in summer , and winter clothes.

which button I chose

As usual I bought many buttons , and confused which one to use. The first one from the left gave me more yellow reflection on the fabric, the second one is really lovely, and so delicate on the suit, but separated the suit from the trouser, So I have chosen the last one to say something to the trouser.

zipper without zipper foot

Close look at my trouser specially the zipper . I still have my old Singer sewing machine with just  straight stitch , and no other foots, but look at my zipper lololl I love it.
this is the back of my trouser with four darts, and the front with two darts. simple waist band, and fitting to the knee, wide at the end of the trouser. It is classic one

The sandal, and bag for my suit

Roman style sandal, and big bag still fashionable too, and I have bought those for my suit. I prefer middle size bag, but big is more fashionable so I tried to get something not so big. Oh I can see it is high heel sandal lol.

My Suit's fabric

This is the fabric of my suit. The fabric with flower is for the suit, and it has high percentage of cotton, the trouser is a different fabric which has more Lycra percentage. I still love long jacket with trouser , and see it is really comfortable .That is really good this style still fashionable so I can wear it .

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Pajama for me

This is my new Pajama. It is my own pattern, and my design.

This is the jacket; it is fitted jacket. bust dart to the side which meets the dart of the waist to make little corner. It also has back waist darts, and side darts to make the whole pajama fit. It is also short sleeve with gathering in the cap and in bottom of the sleeve. I have made a simple collar for it. I have used the plain color (orange ) to make that edges around the bottom of the jacket, sleeves, and the trousers too. I have used that orange buttons to say something to that edge lol.
The trouser, it is simple , and comfortable to suit the home using. It is wide , and short a bit. Nothing special about it except that waist band, and it would be very very simple except that I have that old singer sewing machine which has not a zigzag foot to sew the wide elastic , and I had to use my way to make that waist band with elastic.

Here is the waistband with wide elastic using my singer sewing machine.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

One pattern two trousers

Again one pattern, and two trousers . Those trousers for me; I have made them to wear in a house. I have learned many things with those two trousers. First thing was the fly zipper ; this is my first time use fly zipper I always use the side zipper for my trousers specially for outfits. I also have used the patch pocket one with pleats, and the other one without pleats; both of them have bands with buttons. I also make a yoke in the back of the trouser and use for the first time French Seam to finish this yoke. I also have made an advanced waist band for those trousers. Oh I have the old Singer sewing machine which do nothing except the straight stitch- hope to replace this so soon lol- so I always use a hand hem stitches to finish all my garments, and I have learned some new hand hem stitches, and applied on those two trousers.
Of course it is my own pattern, and my own design. I have use a cotton fabric to make those trousers.

You can notice a gathering around the waist and upper the hip -that is  really so good thing lolollll.
I have lost some weight so this gathering had happened . Hope I throw both trousers very soon when I lost the whole weight I want.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

One pattern two pajamas

Those pajamas for me. I have made them out of satin use the same pattern. Of course this is my own pattern, and it is so simple pattern with simple collar. straight and roomy pajamas to be comfortable. I also have made this flower out of leftover Nealon fabric I have. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Black and white for my sister

 This outfit is my own design, and my own pattern.Here is the front of the outfit. the front of the jacket has another form of princess seam which start from the bottom and almost at the bust point. Also the jacket has v neck opening , and curve at its end.

The front of the skirt is the same as the back, has two box pleats, and the same wideness at the both sides.
The sleeve is one piece sleeve.

Back of the outfit

The back of the jacket has one form of the princess seam which starts from the middle of the shoulder's seam, and end at the end of the jacket. the back of the skirt has two box pleats , and little wideness in both sides. There is a zipper in the side of the skirt, and I have made it invisible zipper, and the waist band of the skirt is simple one. this jacket also has fitted darts at both sides of  it, and I wanted this jacket more fitted, but she wanted it like that.

close look

close look to the jacket's front, its buttons, and its seams.
close look to the armhole, the top of the sleeve, and profile of the jacket.
I think the embroidery is shown clearly  in this picture.


This fabric is Egyptian cotton with self-embroidery , and has some other materials for its embroidery. The high percentage is cotton. It is really beautiful fabric. My sister wanted something white and black, so when we went to buy the fabric she already decided to wear something white and black. First she wanted to buy the skirt 's fabric from this one, and wanted the jacket plain white, or plain black, but I told her what if we make the whole outfit out of this fabric. Any way she convinced to buy the whole fabric from this one, and it was my job to design it for her. lol.
usually the fabric inspires me of the design, so I thought of design this fabric as a wide skirt and fitted short to middle jacket. I have designed some , but finally -after I show her my design- I decided to make this one.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

clasp purse for my mum

Here its pictures from outside to inside, and also its lining.


 I have used a leftover fabric, leftover silk lining  I already have , and this simple frame to make this clasp purse for my mum.
first you outline your frame from outside not inside, then add about 1/2 inch (1.25cm) seam allowance. define the hinge of your frame , and then draw your purse's pattern on a paper  as you wish, its length, width, and also its shaping. Mark the center of your pattern

Here I have cut the paper pattern, and pin it on the fabric , and also the lining . interfacing the fabric, and notch the center.
sew the purse, and finish it according to its shape.
There are many kinds of frames; one kind has some hole to sew the purse with, but mine is not like that. with my frame's kind you should to put glue inside it, and start to put your purse -after finishing it- inside the frame and carefully keep your purse balanced by notice your center when you put inside the frame.  , then you will let it dried, and then gently close the frame on the fabric.   

Friday, July 6, 2012

New outfit for my sister

I have made this outfit for my sister. It is very wide trouser with lace patch , and seam on the front of it, and the same lace on the edge of the trouser. It is my own pattern, and my own design. the jacket is classic one, princes seam, and notch collar with one piece sleeve.

bracelet pincushion

bracelet pincushion for me. I have made this pincushion for me as I always waste my pins , and search for again lol. I have made one before , but I didn't like it, so I tried again , and did this one. I love it.

organizer's bag

My sister carries  big, heavy bag, and put  lot of things , paper, tools, so I have made this organizer for her bag. It was really so easy to do, and I have used some fabric I already have.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Make your T-shirt happy one.

I have bought a plain T-shirt, and wanted to embroider it so I draw the flower and edge; I planned to use some other colors, Then I chose to make it with two degrees of green colors beads, I also use pink bugle to outline the flower, and then sequins to make 3D flower center. I have use four kinds of  beaded, and sequin embroidery stitches, back stitch, Zigzag , flat sequin, and 3D to make the center. of course this is a hand embroidery :-)

Here is the final look of the T-shirt

 Here is the flower with 3D center sequins, bugles , and outline petals with two degree of green colors bead, and beaded back stitch to make that outline for leaves.
 Close look at neck, and its zigzag beaded stitch with flat sequins around the top of zigzag
 Some ideas. First I planned to make the petals standing up with faint center, and wanted to use the red beads for center, but I imagined that drawing will appear so big in this design, so I have changed my mind to make the center standing up, with just outline the petals
 Here is the drawing.
 The plain T-shirt

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