Monday, October 15, 2012

Putting trousers pattern (another method)

putting trouser 's pattern on the fabric has two methods. This is the second method which you put both center line of back, and front face each other. In this method you save the side seam of the trouser . This method only uses when you make home clothes. It is comfortable , and you can use it when you have narrow fabric.

Sketch of my pajama

Silly sketch for my pajama ☺☺☺, but it shows how I designed it, and made its pattern. the stripe parts will be in black velvet, and the plain parts, and trousers will be in the printed velvet fabric.


This fabric for my winter coat. It is leather with fur, and its color is deep gray. I already designed it, and made its pattern. It will be long coat, with notch collar. The body will be princes seam , but will add more darts to make it more fitted coat. I will put flap on the sleeves too.
 This fabric for my winter Pajama. It is my favorite fabric "Velvet". I am already making this pajama, and I will use a plain black color with this design; the black part is velvet too. You will see it very soon.

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