Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Pajama for me

This is my new Pajama. It is my own pattern, and my design.

This is the jacket; it is fitted jacket. bust dart to the side which meets the dart of the waist to make little corner. It also has back waist darts, and side darts to make the whole pajama fit. It is also short sleeve with gathering in the cap and in bottom of the sleeve. I have made a simple collar for it. I have used the plain color (orange ) to make that edges around the bottom of the jacket, sleeves, and the trousers too. I have used that orange buttons to say something to that edge lol.
The trouser, it is simple , and comfortable to suit the home using. It is wide , and short a bit. Nothing special about it except that waist band, and it would be very very simple except that I have that old singer sewing machine which has not a zigzag foot to sew the wide elastic , and I had to use my way to make that waist band with elastic.

Here is the waistband with wide elastic using my singer sewing machine.


Knitting-twitter said...

dear Lily, with that outfit you could walk the streets here and everybody would turn their hats round and ask you- where can I buy that very nice suit... you must feel like The Queen in your new pyjamas..
have a wonderful Sunday, I really like the cloth and the pattern.. very nice job !!!

Pam~Off The Cuff ~ said...

Lily..what wonderful talent you have! This pajama set is beautiful!

Lily said...

Oh dear Christa lololllol Are you sure? can I walk wearing my pajama in Switzerland? lol That is really so kind from you. Thanks so much for your encouraging words; you gave my work so much kindness.

Lily said...

Hello dear Pam,(That is your name?)
Many thanks for your so kind and sweet compliments, I am really glad that you like my pajama.Thanks again.

Unknown said...

I love your pajamas, Lily--they look so comfortable! Normally orange is not a preferred color for me, but you have used it so beautifully to pick up the color from the print of your fabric--I really like it!! Charlotte

Lily said...

Hello dear Charlotte,
Thanks so so much for your so kind compliments. Yes I know dear lol many people don't love orange color, but it is beautiful color in opinion. I am glad you like it with my pajama. Thanks again

a594189c-dc0b-11e1-b745-000bcdca4d7a said...

Just beautiful, I'd feel like a celebrity in those.

Lily said...

Thanks so much for your so sweet , and lovely compliments.

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